Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vidal Sassoon in HongKong!

Looks like Vidal Sassoon has decided to do it promotion all way from Japan to HongKong! You can find banners of namie in local HK shops and even a cantonese version of the 70s CM! Jealous... Wonder if they will consider advertising it in other places in Asia e.g Singapore!

photos by [e007]


Anonymous said...

WHOA! it's the first time i could understand what was said.

but i prefer the japanese voice over. besides, that guy seems to talk to much... lol

Anonymous said...

When she did the adv for lucidol, at Heeren they did feature her ... it's at one of the beauty shop at the 3rd level .. if i'm not wrong ... they also have this tv where they play her advertisement that time ... hope can see something like this again ... :)

Anonymous said...