Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Namie News Network #4 on Google Singapore

A minute ago, I just went to and searched under 'namie amuro'. To my surprise, NNN is listed at #4!!!

WOW! O_O That's pretty awesome!



Anonymous said...

I think it's good to have NNN listed at #4. At NNN is listed at #8. I really like your site and at the moment it's one of the best sorces for information and news about her I know.


NelS said...

Yeah exactly its notw the best place for Namie News good Continuation

Suraj said...

yea! i used to go to but i donno wats happened to that site. in search of updates on Namie, i stumbled upon this site. its superb! fresh updates! thank you :)

Anonymous said...

i used to go, and the site just stop updating... so i have to say, NNN is the best amuro news source!! i love everything about this site, but i kinda dislike when u click comments, they pop up some xxx ad, so i guess i cant check this site at work :(

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, this is such a great place to get good info about Namie... ;-)


Rafaa said...

Congratz!! It's really good to see that NNN is at #4 at google... here on Brazil NNN is listed at #14... but it's good!!!
Hey UH+.. do you know somethin more about Namie's show here on Brazil???