Sunday, April 13, 2008

Namie 'PLAY MORE!! in Taipei' 12/04

Namie successfully held her first of the two 'PLAY MORE!! in TAIPEI' yesterday night (12/04). According to reports, namie sang part of 'CAN YOU CELEBRATE?' in chinese. She also sang 'NEW LOOK', 'ROCK STEADY' and 'WHAT A FEELING'.

Here are some pictures of the first night concert:

The below pictures are showing her doing some shopping and dinner on (11/04) after the rehearsal.



Anonymous said...

I went to see the concert yesterday!! All fans is crazy about her!! Namie is best!!

Daren said...

Wow so jealous!! It must have been great watching her perform Live...when will she ever come to Singapore?

sushik said...

She did the same with "never end" before =)