Monday, April 28, 2008

Namie #1 on 'Which artist is your ideal mum?'

Here's a special mother day's poll by oricon on 'Which artist is your ideal mum?' and namie is at #1!

I guess that a lot of Japanese would love to have a pretty, hot and young mum like namie! ^_^



Vaioleto said...

OMG I love my mom but having Namie as mom would be all kinds of awesomeeeeeee.

buahahahahahaha just the thought makes me rofl.

reveriepapillon said...

ayu as #10? but she doesn't have a kidd! though i guess children would like that they can probably buy everything in the world they want~~~

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Utada isn't on that list. Then again, I guess b/c she's more of a free spirit and younger and is in that transitioning period where you're realizing she's a women and not her Kid self anymore, althoug she still has cute kiddy aspects about her. Although it's kind of creepy. People, who assumingly find Namie attractive and like her, are voting for her to be their mother. In that case it would be INCEST. ('_' )