Thursday, March 27, 2008

'WHAT A FEELING' Live at Utaban

This is the 4th live performance of 'WHAT A FEELING' on 27/03 Utaban:

uploaded by [okinawaFFF]


Artémis said...

Thanks for the video & Thanks for your site, it's really good, I find it today & I'm so happy to find some news about Namie !

Anonymous said...

In this interview, Namie shows her attractions to audiences, she's beautiful and charming, especially when she said " rororororo" that is relly makes me have a huge crush on her.
Unfortunately my Japanese is not so well to understand what they talking about. >///<

Vaioleto said...

OMG, RORORR, I'm so in love with Namie.

Anonymous said...


it got removed!

Sushik said...

I love to see her dance and sing <3

Now in french: