Friday, March 7, 2008

Vote for Namie @ Video Music Award Japan 2008

You can now vote for your favorite music videos at MTV Video Music Awards Japan2008. Namie's 'Hide & Seek' is nominated for the "BEST R&B VIDEO".

You can go to the website and you need to click on 3 categorizes in order to vote. Choose your video by clicking on the artist's photo. After that, there are Japanese options for choosing but I just skipped them and clicked on the rectangular orange button. I'm not sure whether did I give my vote in the end cuz I don't understand all the Japanese! ^_^;



Kenshen said...

What three categories do you choose to find Namie?

Howie said...

I cant find Namie....

Anonymous said...

It can vote once a day.

1. You check 3 categories including "BEST R & B VIDEO" which Namie is nominated for.
And please click the"VOTE NOW!" which turned into orange in the bottom.
2. you choose a singer, and click VOTE. and push the NEXT button.
It repeats itself for 3 categories in the same way.
3. You can see at the page of "YOU DECIDE THE WINNERS!". Because it is a questionnaire, this page just clicks the OK button of the orange.
4. A page of the confirmation appears in the last. Please just click the button of the orange.