Sunday, March 30, 2008

Namie total gross of 30 Billion Yen in 2007-2008

According to various Japanese & Taiwan articles, from the success of 'PLAY' last year and her longest nation-wide tour 'PLAY TOUR 2007-2008', namie earned a total of 30 billion yen (30 million US$) so far!

It's reported that the 53 concerts she held last year and 12 add-on concerts in 2008, earned her a total of 10 billion yen! While her 2007 album 'PLAY' earned her another 15 billion yen. Together with her commercials' fees, it sums up to approximate 30 billion yen!

What a great year for namie!



Anonymous said...

Amazing, what a mindblowing networth! Thanks for the news!

k.a. said...

That's when you know she's reclaimed her throne of SUPERSTAR again =)

k.a. said...

No wait...she was born one. Haha sorry for my mistake.

Maymay said...

Waa....30 billion Yen... Ganbatte Namie! =) Make 50 billion yen your target! =)