Tuesday, March 25, 2008

'60s 70s 80s' Week 2 Sales

安室奈美恵 - "60s 70s 80s"

Position: #1

Week 2: 38,162
Total: 152,881

Like mentioned previous, this is her first #1 ranking single in 10 years! I'm simply impressed that the single can still rise to #1 in it's second week despite all the new releases! Namie is indeed truly the queen of J POP!



Anonymous said...

Woohoo! GO Namie! Queen of J-pop is back!

A toast!

Ultra Micah (ウルトラ・マイカ) said...

Correction: she is the queen of Hip Pop!

K.A. said...

YAY I bought her cd in Akiba/Akihabara a week ago and it counts =)))))

Anonymous said...

k.a. you did good job!