Sunday, February 24, 2008

Previews from NAMIE AMURO PLAY TOUR 2007 DVD

Uploaded 1 minute clips of some performances captured from PLAY TOUR 2007 DVD. Enjoy!:

-Videos removed-

More photos of the DVD:

If you like them, be sure to get the DVD online or from your local music-stores! I will not post/upload any unauthorized complete performances from the DVD in my blog. So in order to view the whole DVD, you either find it from other places or buy it. These are just preview clips served as promotion purposes for the up-coming DVD.

thanks [CSCEIS] for the videos and [wmc] for the pictures


Anonymous said...

OMG, so so hawt. My copy can't fly to me soon enough!

Holding off on watching the performances, I want to see them in my home theater. :)

M said...

HI.. thanks for uploading the clips.. I saw the concert in October on Tokyo International Forum.. I'm pretty sure the dvd version is filmed in the same hall i saw it in. The concert was amazing.. I'm wondering though.. does anyone else think that the stage lighting seems dark? It never seemed like this watching it live.. the mirrorball during come was spectacular.. I just hope it comes over well on the dvd version.

MayMay said...

I waiting for the Taiwan version to be out on sales...Heard that Taiwan version is out on sales in April. Sob....