Sunday, February 10, 2008

Namie in a Limited photobook by Akemi Nakano

This is a limited photo-book by famous hair & make-up stylist 中野明海 (Akemi Nakano). The photo-book is called "大人の赤ちゃん肌メイク" (Adults with Baby-like skin) and only 100 copies are being sold during namie 'PLAY MORE' tour on 1/2 & 2/2. It contains new photo-shoots and interviews by namie.

Here are the scans:

Akemi Nakano is namie's hair & make-up stylist since she debuted. Namie been working with her for more than 12 years and almost all her make-up & hair in magazines' photo-shoots and cd covers are done by Akemi. A while back, I posted a leslie kee's photo with namie and akemi.

scans by [takeshi]


ikorn said...

It's a limited photobook called "中野明海 大人の赤ちゃん肌メイク" pre-sold in namie's concert on 1st and 2nd Feb.

the title, itself means making up adult to have childish skin

Kenshen said...

Namie is so beautiful