Friday, February 22, 2008

Hide & Seek Dance Dance Revolution!

OMG. Look what I saw on youtube:

It looked pretty scary! >_< The steps are not related to the actual choreography but it looked damn difficult!!



Anonymous said...

danm, i love that short mix.

and again, DAYUM!!!! how many legs you gotta have for that????? XD

jaykay33k said...

this is from a game called stepmania. its for the computer and u use the keyboard. I have it too. its sooo much fun. i have many Namie songs on it but i never found out how to record it

Anonymous said...

Do want, and do not want at the same time. I would so get killed in that!

Akio said...

It was me who did the steps! Yes, it's from Stepmania. You can make your own songs and steps there. I also used the PV for the background animation. My friend Jiro-kun recorded it and uploaded on his Youtube account.

Well don't get freaked out by the steps, because that was on EXPERT mode. I also have easier steps for that. :)

I also have plenty of Namie songs for Stepmania, aside from Hide & Seek. Drop by my site and contact me so I could upload a few for you all ^__^

Jiro Takashi said...

And I am who played the game.. and also recorded that video too.. ehehehe.. thanks for linking this at this website.. it's pleasure to post our made..