Sunday, December 16, 2007

Old CMs of 'shine more' & 'Put 'Em Up'

What interesting was that, there are a few scenes in the CMs that are not shown in the PVs! Look carefully... ^_^

shine more 30s CM

(scenes not in pv: 0:04-0:06, 0:12-0:14)

Put 'Em Up 30s CM

(scenes not pv: 0:18-0:20, 0:22-0:23)

Pretty cool huh?!



jaykay33k said...

i think in shine more is when Namie sings ,is in the dancing scene but not dancing and when the dance scene slows down for a second

i never saw the difference in put em up but i think when namie is against the wall and adlibbing

Shenryu said...

Namie has a mysterious enigma that no one else has. And it shows through in all of her music videos and music.

Thanks for finding these, they're great

Beshop said...

thanks for sharing !