Monday, December 17, 2007

Leave your comments at the Guest-Book

I re-opened the Guest-Book at the bottom of the Views-count meter for all the visitors to feel free to give their comments or suggestions regarding this blog. You can also ask questions and I'll attend to them if I have the answers. ^_^ Thanks!

Btw... I'll be changing a new theme for the blog a few days before Christmas. I tested it out and it looked great!! ^_^; Can't wait!



Mithra said...

looking forward to it! How do you design your templates? I have a blogger as well and I'm horrible with html...and I love Amuro!!!

Marcos Paulo said...

Hi, I'm an Amuro fan and your site is great, cant wait for the new theme!!! XX

Kenshen said...

OMG, a xmas theme for the occasion would be perfect! Looking forward to it.