Friday, November 2, 2007

Vote for Namie in 'BEST ARTIST 2007'

You can vote for your favorite Jpop artists in 'NTV's Best Artist 2007'.

Here're the procedures:

01. Click on the link provided above.

02. Click on the red banner at the bottom of the page.

03. Copy this: 安室奈美恵 and paste it on the first space.

04. Choose your age group at the second option.

05. Then select your gender. 男=Male | 女=Female .

06. Press the left button to submit.

Please give your support to namie! ^_^

Edit: The poll has ended. Thanks for your support!


Beshop said...

Yeah, Namie is the Best ! \o/

Monkey_D_Ruffy16 said...

yeah i voted too

shadowcat said...

ok i voted ;)