Sunday, November 4, 2007

Channel-a Special - 'PLAY' Promotions Report Video!

This special report by channel-a basically summarized all the promotions that namie did for 'PLAY', including fm appearances, 'PLAY' buses and her appearances all over Japan! What a great video!!

Surprised that this video stay well hidden and I never get to see it before... Thanks [Rocky.R] from JPM forum for bringing this up! ^_^

uploaded by [ cakeshirley]


Judy said...

that's so cool! thanks! *amuro-chan!!!* love the crowd...haha

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clip, it's awesome, I wish there were some translation xD

Lance said...

What a great video. I love how personable Amuro is. Although, from other interviews, she seems somewhat of a recluse, she's always smiling for her fans. I loved the part on the bus in Sapporo (was it?), when the guy says that a representative from Avex will come on board to say a few words and it turns out to be Amuro. I would love to see her in person!

beshop [fr] said...

thanks for sharing !

Shenryu said...

Hahaha, Amuro san is soo funny... and random sometimes