Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rare video of Namie on VMAJ 2003 Red-carpet!

OMG ! >_<

Namie attended 'Video Music Award Japan' every year since 2002...and in my opinion, she looked the best & hottest in 2003's !!! But I never get to see any videos related to that year event... HOWEVER !!! I saw this video just now and i'm OVER-JOYED !!! OMG ! >_<

Namie looked like when she was 19 in it... ^_^ Totally stunning!

uploaded by [DJTRNX2]


Monkey_D_Ruffy16 said...

I luv it cause she wore the same thin at the end of So Crazy Tour...but still she lookd best in 2005 with the skull dress and worst in 2007 with the space outfit XD

Anonymous said...

hahah I was just following the links from the video and I found out it was posted here. I'm glad people love it as much as I do and totally agree on the comment. When I uploaded it, I thought for sure someone had put it up already tho. :P -djtrnx2