Sunday, October 28, 2007

'PLAY' tour 2007 - 10/27 Photos' Report!

Here's are some fantastic photos from a amuro china's member who went to the concert on 10/27!

Enjoy! Click for VERY large pics:

Ticket she bought on spot for 20,00 yen! >_<

Fan with signed 'world of golden egg' goodies bag'

One of the photos of the tour goodies she bought

That's how the stage design looked like...omg! >_<

Posters' booth after the concert ended... i think.

I'm full of jealousy just now. >_< I need to get one of the posters!!!

Here's something interesting!

Look at this CRAZY fan she saw there! >_< ...

photos by [hiroko] @ amurochina BBS


raindrop said...

awesome pics!
thx for sharing!

Judy said...

whoa!!! real tattoos?! thanks for your updates!

Beshop said...

Great !

Thanks you for sharing !

Duncan said...

I'm just amazed at those tattoos!
They make my Amuro kanji look quite tame.

Shenryu said...

I find that a bit excessive, especially Amuro's face tattoed on her upper left arm, people's faces never turn out good as tattoes... sigh