Friday, September 28, 2007

Namie's New Bassist, 'Tokie'

Here's something interesting.

A new female bassist named 'Tokie' is used to replace Namie's all-time bassist, Kenji Sano. The reasons are that Kenji Sano was touring with EXILE just before 'PLAY' tour 2007 started and as a result, can't participate in the rehearsals. Hence, Miss Tokie was hired.

Here's a photo of Tokie and namie's dancers from her Blog:

info by NATE

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Mami said...

I can't imagine a Namie's concert without the presence of Kenji.. and I really liked the affinity between him and Namie, in my mind he was like a father for her. I'll miss him in the dvd... ç__ç

Anyway, I hope this Tokie is a good bassist..