Friday, September 21, 2007

NNN (Namie News Network)

Hi Everybody! This is UH+ (a.k.a UHPlus). Some may know me or some may not, but i'm a hard-core namie amuro fan and people from forums i joined may know that. You may also know that I loved to updates everyone with the latest news and information about namie. So...i started this blog just to do that! Hope you guys enjoy yourself and visit here often for the latest namie's news.

Namie News Network is open for broadcast !

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Spiral said...

Hmm not really sure how to contact just you, and I didn't want to spam up the latest post so here I am. xD

I was wondering if you'd like to exchange links? I opened up a Namie avatar/Wallpaper only site a few months ago.

Figured I'd try and exchange links with some of my favorite Namie haunts. <3