Sunday, March 8, 2009

Utada 'Come Back To Me' MV

Here's the latest music video of Utada "Come Back To Me" from her 2nd U.S album "THIS IS THE ONE":

It's been a while since we saw any new stuffs from Hikki and I must say she REALLY did slimmed down a lot in the past one year, and it shows in this music video! The MV was very nicely, classically done and Hikki looked really mature and beautiful too. Hope she can do well in the states this time round! You can also listen to 2 new songs preview here.



r said...

^ Thanks fot the heads up ^^ *makes mental note to check out*

As for Utada, I quite like this video--I'm glad that it's not low budget--it looks like they're really investing in her ^_^.

And... love the other song previews! very nice ^_^

zahra said...

Wow, I like the PV. I like the song even more now. I been waiting on Utada to promote the song before I start listening like crazy on the song. I hope it'll go good for it in the States, because this song is awesome.

THanks for the update UH+.

reveriepapillon said...

i didn't like the pv...okay probably because i dislike the song. it is too pop and generic for me and I'm really disappointed because I want her to make it big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she looks great there though.

Danielle J said...

The PV is classic. I like the song and the atmosphere.

jt said...

this song is so addicting!! the pv is beautful! she looks gorgeous with the ayanami bobb! i can't wait to buy this album!!

Anonymous said...

this is my first time listening to this song and it is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's boring.