Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Namie on HEY! HEY! HEY! (9/29)

Namie was on the 29 Sept episode of HEY! HEY! HEY! and given the "Artist who attended HEY!x3 the most number of times" title. She left only a short message mentioning some memorable events that she went through previously in the show:

uploaded by [namieken]


Anonymous said...

This video is so interesting.
Namie really has a sense of humor!
I love to see such an interview of her.

Suraj said...

loveedd itt! shes totally nuts :D my lovveee, Namie :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh she's so kawaii! Love that woman! :D

Anonymous said...

Oricon: Ideal Woman

Oricon recently ran a survey of 1,200 men and women under 40, asking them to identify which celebrities they felt represented their ideal image of a woman. The survey was divided into two categories, one for music artists and one for actresses.

In the artist category, Namie Amuro ranked #1, noted for her style and fashion sense. The rest of the top five were YUI, aiko, Ayumi Hamasaki, and YUKI.

Under actresses, Yui Aragaki topped the list, winning popularity with her cuteness and her smile. She was followed by Nanako Matsushima, Aoi Miyazaki, Ryoko Shinohara, and Maki Horikita.

-Credits: JPOP ASIA


dana said...

SO beautiful! SO cute! SO Namie Amuro!<3

i love it!:D

reveriepapillon said...

i didn't get the 3rd segment ~ (I don speak japanese but I can guess the first 2 segments) did he suggest the 3 of them go to a sauna place togegther? haha

Anonymous said...

Amuro is so cute in her interviews. Regarding the questions, the first is her strongest impression of being on Hey! Hey! Hey! She talks about how weak Matsumoto is at games (Tetris episode on her 33rd appearance) and how afraid he was of the rides at Universal Studios Japan (on her 35th appearance). She discusses about how on her 43rd appearance they talked about going to an onsen (hot springs) together, but Amuro is still puzzled about Matsumoto wanting to all take a bath together. Amuro is definitely against it, although she would like to take a trip with Downtown and other guests to an onsen (just bathing separately). Last, she asks Downtown to be nice to her. :>

Suraj said...

ahahahahahaaha. thats nice. thanx :P

zahra said...

Thank You very much for transalating. I'll watch again, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hat Grandfrix 2008 #1 Namie Amuro