Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Utada Hikaru 'Prisoner Of Love'

Here's Hikki latest PV of 'Prisoner Of Love' which will be released as a re-cut single on 21 May:

One of my favorite song from her 'HEART STATION' album but Hikki doing push-ups and boxing?!?! OMG, I think she's acting way too 'man-ish' this time round! :P



Anonymous said...

l luv this song 2

Anonymous said...

Yeah I saw the PV yesterday but I don't remember her doing push-ups. I remember that from the preview of the PV, but I don't remember watching that in the PV itself. LOL maybe I need to watch it again. xP

reveriepapillon said...

she makes music w/ a mac! ^__^ and her handwriting is so neat and cute! if that's her real handwriting~ hehe at least it's good to know hikki is staying healthy and exercizing~ kekeke