Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tomiko Van 'チェリー'

After Do As Infinity disband in Sept 2005, their ex-vocalist, Tomiko Van has been doing her solo career. This is her latest PV of "チェリー" (Cherry) originally by SPITZ in 1996. This will be included in her second cover album called 「VOICE 2 ~cover lovers rock~」 released on 5 March 2008. Here's the Pv:

I never heard original version before but tomiko's version sounded very relaxing, and the promotion video makes me want to have a relaxing, carefree getaway. ^_^



Anonymous said...

LOL I just saw this yesterday. It is a nice song, but I want to see if Tomiko will do heavier rock songs. xP

twilightsky said...

A nice version and good acoustic update musically, but the original Spitz version is a classic and hard to out do. Good to see Tomiko back though.

Malabei said...

See here