Saturday, September 22, 2007

Angela Aki New Album 'TODAY' debuts at No.1

Angela Aki's second album 'TODAY' was released on 19th Sept and debuted at no.1 ! Congrats ! I bet it will get no.1 on it's first week sale too! Go angela!

Although many said that 'TODAY' is not as good as 'HOME' (which I think so too ^_^;), but her musicical talent and her beautiful vocal has never been any lesser!

My favourite album-tracks from 'TODAY' will be "One Melody" & "モラルの葬式". I think "モラルの葬式" continues the legacy of "宇宙" from her first album. Both songs have such great complexity and diversity! Don't you think so? ^_^

Here's some photos of the actual CD package:

Here're some photos of angela appearing at some Japan's CD-stores to promote her album:

cd-scans by [zeopower6]

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