Friday, February 1, 2008

Do As Infinity - Do The Best 2

Introducing 'Do As Infinity' to those whom don't know who are they! They are my favorite Japanese J-Rock band but sadly, they disbanded on September 29 2005, 6 years after they debuted. So I decided to do a tribute to them and compiled my own-made best album called 'Do The Best II'. The original 'Do The Best' consisted of songs from their first 3 albums therefore 'Do The Best II' will include songs from their next 3 albums. Those who don't know them but are interested in Japanese rock music, you may want to give it a try:

Do As Infinity - Do The Best 2

01. 空想旅団
02. 本日ハ晴天ナリ
03. I miss you?
04. ブランコ
06. under the Sun
07. For the Future
08. 科学の夜
09. 柊 (ACOUSTIC version)
11. 真実の詩
12. 楽園
13. Grateful Journey (DO THE LIVE version)
14. One or Eight (DO THE LIVE version)
15. あいのうた (DO THE LIVE version)

Mediafire | 320kbps | 128.9MB
Part 1 (1-7) ~ Part 2 (8-15)



Anonymous said...

I love Do As Infinity as well. It sucks that they aren't together anymore. But at least they are still making music. I just checked Tomiko's website today, and she's coming out with another cover album. Can't wait for it! =3

hoonz said...

Before I found Namie I head some of Do As Infinity's songs which I love too! Thanks for hooking us up with their Best! :)